What is interaction??

I believe that interaction, as said on Chris Crawford book The Art of Interactive Design, is something that we had experience it since we were born. In different quantities of interactivity, for example, I think that interactivity between persons (depending on the action) it the biggest experience you could get, instead of a person between animals and objects. By that I believe that interactivity is a sequence of actions between two objects (people, animal, computers) in which each one reacts to the other action, in a logical way, depending on the emotion and reasoning that this object feels at that moment.

Base on my interaction definition, I really agree with Bret Victor point of view on his article, “A Brief Rant on the Future of Interaction Design”, where in conclusion he hopes that our vision of the future won’t be like in the video, as he says “a timid increment from the status quo“ in which all you can see is people using tablets, and more advanced computer in they daily life, which probably are used to handle real modern machines, but that is not shown on the video. I would like to see real technology for example new solar cells that could give energy to a whole city with only one day of sun exposure.

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