Week 1 home work

The first step for this assignment was to measure 1′ by 1′ in a piece of wood, after we found the center of this 1′ x 1′ and draw another square of 6” x 6” on one of the corners.

Then we drill a whole on the center to put the center pin and the circle jig.
IMG_1179 IMG_1180






Using the router and the circle jig, we edge 3/4 of a circle. It took me 6 times to cut the wood completely.

IMG_1183 IMG_1184







Now it was time to edge a straight line that join the two ending of the circumference. For this we measured the distance from the border of the router to the inside and to the outside of the router mill.

IMG_1185 IMG_1186





Because of the units used I had a hard time having the average of the 2 measurements so decided to use 2.9” as offset to set the ruler with the clamps in order to edge the line I need it.IMG_1187 IMG_1188

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