The 3 serif fonts i chose where:

Big Caslon Medium,  American Typewriter and Optima. The main reason I picked this 3 is because i liked how my name looked, seeing carefully though  you can tell that the first two don’t have ascender, contrary to Optima where Cap height is different to the ascender.

Optima seems the least to be serif, but if you pay attention you can see the details.

The 3 non serif fonts i chose where:

Myanmar Sangam Mn, Lao Sangram Mn and Corbel similar as the serif fonts the first the Cap height is the same as the ascender height.

From the 6 fonts the only one that has stress is Big Caslon Medium.

Looking the fonts I picked, I concluded that in font style i rather go to simple and elegant fonts.

here are the examples: typography



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