Turning Using 4 Jaw Chuck

We use the piece of last skill builder for this project. First we shape the bottom of the wood in order to have the space necessary to grab with the 4 jaw chuck.

photo 1

I wanted to make a little box for this project, here are the steps I took:

After securing the piece in the jaw chuck, I started marking the size of the top

photo 2photo 3







photo 4photo 1





After sanding and adding oil finish, we took the top of the piece and start working in the hole. In this part it took me some time finding out the most comfortable tool to work with. Which at the end was the small gouge chisel.

photo 2I was sure to measure that the diameter of the hole will be the same size I left on the top. After sanding and finishing with a layer of wood oil the piece was ready for some pic.
box1 box2

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