For this week strategy, and after seeing some of the artists related to it.

In order to keep working with the reflection paper I did for the lamp presented last week I would like to create a corn shape prototype and add the reflexion paper on some of the grains in order to generate a skull on the reflection when it is lighted.

This would be related to this week strategy to create or highlight in the viewers the massive damage that companies like Monsanto are responsible with genetic modified organism.



All the examples for this strategy involves investigation on the subject in which the artist will like to do his work about. Ex (Mark Lombardi Narrative Structures) so it make me investigate a little more on GM corn.

Making it short it all started in 1980 with the Diamond vs Chakrabarty case, where the highest court decided that biological life could be legally patentable. After that “certain biotech companies then quickly moved to utilize such patenting for the control of seed stock”(1). Nowadays Monsanto is spread in all the States and other countries with the possibility to alter the life in the soil forever and the worst is that television don’t show this danger. Here is the commercial that is shown to us.

For this prototype I used a old portable TV that shows a nice maize representing the commercial. But at the top of TV frame you can pull a black curtain with the intention to stop the viewer of looking the GM maize, also representing darkness and fear of what can come next if theres no action to corporate farming.

Here are some pictures of the project

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References I read to get more information about this subject:

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  2. Van der Belt, Henk, “Debating the Precautionary Principle: “Guilty until proven Innocent” or “Innoncent until Proven Guilty”?”
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