The assigment for this class was to make multiple objects,

I decided to make an andean cross called CHACANA, that is a symbol that represents balance among other things (kind like a ying yang for incas).

I started drawing the sketch in  paper and then in illustrator
2014-11-02 13.47.57
2014-11-02 19.37.25





Next I printed the mold, drew and cut a piece of wood

2014-11-02 13.47.462014-11-02 14.29.072014-11-02 15.43.382014-11-02 16.07.04









After that I shaped the edges with the router, cut the piece in half and move it a little bit before putting them together using  the pocket screw jig:

2014-11-02 16.49.47
2014-11-02 16.49.53
2014-11-02 18.57.372014-11-02 17.43.06






Finally we spray the Chacana in the middle, and put some white paint to contrast more:
2014-11-06 16.28.042014-11-06 17.38.25

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