ramones logo

The Ramones Logo was created by the Mexican artist Arturo Vega, also called the fifth ramone.


He used the presidential seal and modified it putting the name of the band members around (serif font Tiffany ), changing the olive branch by an apple tree branch, the arrows with a baseball bat and added the text “look out below” that was later changed with “hey ho lets go”.

The RAMONES text above of the logo is written with Franklin Gothic font.

I chose this logo because is really iconic for punk music and it really made the function of a logo making it easy to remember.  It really help a lot to the band image, and incomes,, “They sold more T-shirts than records,”

“I saw them as the ultimate all-American band,” “To me, they reflected the American character in general — an almost childish innocent aggression.” (Arturo Vega).

Info taken from New York Times article “Arturo Vega, Shepherd for the Ramones, Dies at 65”, written by William Yardley, June 11 2013.


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