Singing Family

The following video explains the process of the project:


Inspired in “Peter and the wolf” where each character has his own instrument, we made one for each family member, in this case father is the bass, mother organ and the baby indian citar.  For which we create a small piece in logic, thinking in the harmony in between characters so when they sing all together it would be a nice song.

The main problem we had with this project was the order to make it. At first we programmed all in processing using keys and the mouse simulating the switches and force sensor. So when we tried to use the serial communication we had a bunch of errors and it was really hard for debugging.

So we begin with 2 rectangles (main figures of our animation), and from then start adding the rest of the program.

Here’s the arduino code =  arduino_dude.ino

Here’s the processing code  = class.pde serial_communication.pde sing.pde


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