Pedal board


For this project we used 4 cut CNC wood pieces for the base, and one piece for the body of the pedal board (where the pedals are located). First I started cutting the stands (3 were 3/4″ and other one 1/2″).

2015-03-03 16.30.30 2015-03-03 22.52.51





2015-03-03 23.25.19

After checking that the finger tenons joint works, we attached the upper piece of wood that would fit in the pockets made  in 2 bases.

2015-03-03 23.25.082015-03-03 23.25.58





I forgot that with the 1/4″ you can’t have straight corner pockets, so I have to resize the joint for the base in the middle of the board.

After having all dry fitted, I glue the junctions, clamped it and leave it like that for a night.
2015-03-04 00.02.17

I painted the wood with a dark brown to give it an oak touch.
2015-03-04 13.29.08 2015-03-04 13.29.21 2015-03-05 11.58.00 2015-03-05 11.59.18

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