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For my final project me and Yining Shi (http://www.yining1023.com/) are going to make and installation with music and lights.

The installation consist in 7 lamps ( music notes C D E F G A B ), that turn on and play a note when the user touch them. We also wanted to have another input through a microphone, so when somebody pitch the right note one of the lamps will turn on depending on the pitch of the voice.


Here’s the video of a circuit that turns on LED and plays a tone using the capacitance library in arduino.


After presenting the project to our classmates and doing some software research  we ended with the following conclusions:

1- The two inputs (touching and singing) may confuse the user understanding the installation.

2- Some users don’t like to sing in public no matter what the cause is for.

3- We need a provocative design for the lights so the users know he/she has to touch them to interact with them.

4- Max MSP is a friendly software to use when your using sound, so our tones will be controlled by this software.

5- LED are not bright enough, and working with 120V could be risky, so we will work with 12V lamps, and control them with arduino.


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  1. Great! Thank you for posting this. For the notes I actually think you might be able to do it all in Arduino rather than Max/Msp and I agree that starting with one interaction might be best and then you can see how to add the other functionality without confusing the user but enhancing the experience.

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