paper mache lamp

For this project i use paper mache to make a lamps.

First was making the glue with flour and water, and pasting strips of news paper to a balloon, when it dried I painted and make the whole to attached the chord with the bulb holder inside,

At first wanted to attached a piece of wood to the lamp so it stays steady

2014-12-04 15.47.06

but after it was better to adjust the bulb holder with a threaded nipple.

Finally i added a piece of wood to the threaded nipple so i can hold clamps to the lamp in order to clamp it wherever i want.

Here are some pics
2014-12-04 17.09.22 2014-12-04 17.56.17 2014-12-04 18.07.46 2014-12-04 18.08.06

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  1. Good job. I wonder what the lighting effect would look like if you left the paper mache unpainted. If there is a next tome, experiment with that first before painting.

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