For this project I picked this mechanism as an example.

I started doing with a diameter of 5″ in order to get a bigger movement distance. So first prototyping in cardboard. I saw that I needed some guides to keep the movement edges in in order to have the horizontal movement I was looking for.IMG_5081

After I change cardboard to 1/8 wood, so I can have a more robust material for my second prototype.

Resize it at least to half, to much friction and how to guide the moving parts were some of the feedback from class.

With the new scale we prototype again using cardboardIMG_5132 IMG_5136I try different distance where the rod should be located on the yolk. Also build the moving part in two parts, to avoid the some friction.

Once I had the right measures, I went to mill the part in delrin using the otherMill. Here I recommend to use the bitBreak mode so you can choose where to cut in your piece your files, either outside or inside the stroke.IMG_5141

Finally after testing the delrin parts on a cardboard surface and calculating the right measures for the base.IMG_5143


I had the base built in a thick piece of wood, that i chopped from a table that was tossed it to the street close to school. Here is the final video.


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