Interactive technology

The objects I picked to see how they work was 2 ovens, a toaster oven and a regular cook oven,, both with digital controls to set the users desires settings.

The toaster oven is the toaster located in itp close to the administration offices. The one time i tried to toast my bread there i thought it took way to long to do it, if you put the toast function on the display, it says that the duration is about 4 minutes, a regular toaster does that in less than a minute. Also when you put start, you can see that the time is no running, it takes a moment to do it, so you start thinking somethings wrong. I ask some staff to help me with it, and they couldn’t explain how to make it work,, at the end i just picked my bread even tough it wasn’t toasted as i wanted.


Contrary the other toast oven next to the microwave, where you only have a timer knob and a type of heating knob, its really easy to use it, and it fulfills its purpose in a no complicated way.

toaste easy

Other oven i use only less than half of the function it has is the oven where i live. The main problem i find in this machine is that you can’t heat up or lower the temperature once it’s set. Also when you wanna bake, it starts at 350 (does not specifies celsius or Fahrenheit degrees) and to lower the temperature, it goes down 5 degrees at the time at a constant speed without increasing the speed of this the longer the button is pressed. The other person that lives with me, stopped using it long time ago, telling me that he always have trouble with it.


I think my birthday cake won’t be baked at my place

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