…in the darkForest

After doing my first infinite box for Nothing, I decide that would be a nice project for this class and I collaborate it with Yining Shi. The idea was to build a bigger box, with some installation in the middle to be able to see this infinity.

The first step was to¬†design the box, we give a lot of time to this step of the project in order to have the right measures at the first CNC cut and don’t have wasted material.photo

After having all parts cut in the CNC we put them together, and paste them with wood glue.

IMG_5183photo 1 photo 2




For the inside circuit we use the 555LED flasher for the LED of the acrylic butterflies.Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 2.31.28 PMIMG_5213





After everything was set we put the remaining parts 3 transparent acrylics and a mirror (one of the acrylics covered in one side mirror film).

IMG_5218 IMG_5223





Here’s a video of the finished project.


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