Concept Sentences/Fuchs Questions for Hearts and Minds


Hearts and Minds is the experience of a new military tactic in Iraq
Hearts and Minds is the experience of a group of soldiers interacting with local people in Iraq.
Heart and Minds is the experience of group of soldiers and local people of Iraq with the objective to resolve the conflicts and cede with war, but with the obstacle of individuals benefits of each person.

The space on this planet is mostly interior except for the moments they have to move from one location to another, where the landscape and weather would be a small city in a desert, sandy with big changes in temperatures . The time is linear with a fast pace sensation marked by day by day activities (training and missions).

The mood would be mostly a combination of tension and fear, feeling that everyday you could be attacked and injured or killed. Music, projection and lighting will be the main factors to create the mood in the planet. The sound of this planet has constant sound of weapons and explosion, combining with strong winds and sometimes deep moments of silence.

Its a public world, with mixed classes of people socially and culturally, some are very poor, others are very wealthy. The sensation would feel more when the different languages are heard in a same scene, where you can feel the missing of fluid communication and the doubt if the translated message are distorted or not. There are also a lot of code language, normally use in the army.

Being this an interactive play, the changes in between the start and the end depends on the participants. The important scene in the play would be the decisions they choose to make in order to help and end this in a friendly way or not using in a correct way the capital and losing the possibilities to pacify the country.

The fact that the viewer can participate in the play, making them believe they are really in charge of solving the problem and feeling what location where war takes place feels likes, would make me believe that generate a feeling of consciousness and hopefully incept the idea that there are other solutions to solve conflict without the need of violence.


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