Fuch’s questions for “The Completeness”


Personally the play takes part in an interior, built and contained space such as a University Campus, between a lab room of the Computer Science department, a lab in the Molecular Biophysics & Biochemistry department, the public computer cluster and the apartments of Elliot and Molly, all walking distance from each other.

You can feel the linear time in the play except for the part Molly and Elliot remembers their first serious relationship where their past and present merge together in the scene, and the lapse where the actors act like themselves pretending there was a technical problem with the play, “it got frozen”.

The climate environment feels like a mild weather, nothing extreme like a snowstorm or massive heath wave, so either spring or fall could fit.

The season and climate environment, influences the serious polytechnic mood, where people are really focus on their studies as its main goal in live before satisfying personal emotions.

Lastly, the tone of the play goes without rush, at cool steady pace. I’ll imagine for sound ambient noise of computer room, biology lab sounds, with a soft tune on the background corresponding to the mood of the scene.


This is a private world because actions taken place affects only characters involve and not third parties. We can see Molly and Elliot as central figures because the plot is about the relationship between them and also the personal conflicts that they have in showing affection to another that could be consequence of loneliness due to the toughness of the grad program and investigation they are doing. That conflict with himself or herself could be the interlocking triangle, instead of Nell or Franklin.

The Figures in this planet focus more in their present, with short-term goals. Because of the technological dialogue between the characters, the time where the play happens is contemporary to nowadays. The interaction is a reasoned discussion between educated people, using dialogue as a speech tool. The language seems to be logical at first, but when they use the action when computer “freeze” again and stop the real play, you could think that this action can happen to our feelings or emotion, becoming metaphorical.


The striking image or act in this play happens at Molly apartment, when Elliot explains his condition of being in a relationship:

“For a while it seems like you got everything right, finally, like everything is perfect, and then suddenly some…unforeseen issue arises out of nowhere, and you’re just like, oh god, no, not this again”

To which Molly agree she has the same feeling but with a different reaction. It is worth it to point that this same condition is shown at the beginning of the play, the moment both of the principal characters break up with their respective couples.

The end scene gives the impression that the main characters overcome the situation that scares them of having a stable relationship, but the moment where it ends gives the viewer the option to imagine their own finale (would they end up together as friends, lovers, etc.)


This plays made me thought of how human being can get bored after achieving something they were looking for. Also intrigues me the analogy of the frozen display, and how they use it later as if the play has frozen, which made me think that is impossible or it will take infinite time to solve the algorithm in matching a person with their soul mate. If somehow that algorithm gets solved we would stop having the intrigue in our partner, that’ll avoids us to get bored.


The only mirror I see here is the scientific language and procedure to resolve a problem of science, and how this same language is tried to use in a social problem.


The main characters of the play fit the pattern of the world. You can see in the striking image (point 4) how this generates the same reaction in their professional as in their sentimental life.

Elliot: He doesn’t know what to do after he solves the algorithm he was working from a long time, and it’s the same reaction when he gets to be in a relationship he wanted.

Molly: She tends to get away when she gets what she wants, example when finally he gets to test her proteins in the mice, then she wants to transfer to another university, that’s the same when she gets in a relationship, when this reach to a steady point, she find the need to run away too.

In the final scene Elliot says to Molly the algorithm is not really solve, bursting again the feelings that he had for her, creating in her a need to keep exploring or waiting till the new algorithm is solved in order to try again in her studies, postponing the will to walk away.

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