Foosball player

I wanted to do with the same size of wood I did skill builder project, but the dimension was to big for the foosball player, so I pick a smaller piece that fit the player size. First I draw the sketch (wine glass) on it and drill the holes to fit in the table.

photo 2

In the lathe I started shaping the piece with the nose scraper to have a cylinder, making sure not too loose the mark points. Marked the limits and the bending points with the parting tool.

photo 3 photo 4





In the test fitting, the holes for the screw were not aligned so I drilled another hole while the piece was in the table.

photo 5

Seal the wood using 123 primer, and then paint it with acrylic white paint and let it dry.

photo 1photo 2photo 3

To decorate the player I use as example this painting by Picasso.

picasso-black-white-guggenheim-kitchenFinally my player was finished and ready to play.



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  1. Getting the holes positioned correctly is very important, normally you don’t have the luxury of re-drilling on site. I like the look of your player, great work.

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