First wheels

This assignment I choose some acrylic I had to made the 4 wheels asked.

photo 1

The size wanted for each wheel was 1″, so to have similar wheels we use this measure in the band saw before cutting (see photo)photo 2 To make it nicer the wheels, I decide to put LED lights into the wheels, for that we drill a whole in each wheel using the drill press and then tested the LED with 3V of power. And to join the wheels I uses a wood dowel.

photo 3photo 4P1010835

Finally to give power to the LED, I used the small 1.5V batteries and put them together to get the 3V need it for a descent shine. A hole was drilled in the dowel to cross one cable of the LED through there and solder to the end of the battery. P1010842

Finally we light the wheels.
P1010838To avoid having connect the batteries the whole time, a small wire rod is need it to make contact between the two batteries.


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