Cornell box for the Completeness

For this assignment we had to do a Cornell box related to the play by Itamar Moses.

The Completeness is a story about Elliot and Molly, two grad students, and the romance between them. Where both feel uncertain once they achieve the goals, romantic and professional, they where looking for. At the end the attraction between them gets back after they realize that the project in which they worked together in not solved.

To do this I used an old ACTION portable TV set. Choose this to give the feeling of computer (the characters met in a computer room, and Elliot was Computer Science).

I emptied all the components inside andĀ desolder some components of the main board, to be able to cut it and fit vertical on the “box”.photo

Finally on the main board I solder an open hearth shape, that represent the gap of the main characters in committing to a relationship.

Here are some pictures of the finish project
a1 a2 a3


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