visual language

homeworks and comments for visual language class

ramones logo

The Ramones Logo was created by the Mexican artist Arturo Vega, also called the fifth ramone.


He used the presidential seal and modified it putting the name of the band members around (serif font Tiffany ), changing the olive branch by an apple tree branch, the arrows with a baseball bat and added the text “look out below” that was later changed with “hey ho lets go”.

The RAMONES text above of the logo is written with Franklin Gothic font.

I chose this logo because is really iconic for punk music and it really made the function of a logo making it easy to remember.  It really help a lot to the band image, and incomes,, “They sold more T-shirts than records,”

“I saw them as the ultimate all-American band,” “To me, they reflected the American character in general — an almost childish innocent aggression.” (Arturo Vega).

Info taken from New York Times article “Arturo Vega, Shepherd for the Ramones, Dies at 65”, written by William Yardley, June 11 2013.



For the logo I started drawing some sketch,, as if letters where 3D, and also wanting to apply a light effect on them,, as screen it from a proyector.


Here is the same idea more precisely


After the sketches, I open made the image in illustrator, with the 3D effect and also adding some shadow.
Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 15.02.01

Finally i pass the image to Photoshop, to play with the light, and give that lens shine


..presentation card

For the presentation card, I really wanted to do it in the laser printer so i started making the model on illustrator, like the following picture:


I made first a prototype on a 1/4″  acrylic that i found at the shop and it look great, if it wasn’t for the thickness that was too much


When i went to buy the acrylic i decided to buy a 1/16″ that look perfect thick for a presentation card, the only but was they only had in shining acrylic, that at the end looked great too.


printing(cutting acrylic)

front side:

front the back:



The 3 serif fonts i chose where:

Big Caslon Medium,  American Typewriter and Optima. The main reason I picked this 3 is because i liked how my name looked, seeing carefully though  you can tell that the first two don’t have ascender, contrary to Optima where Cap height is different to the ascender.

Optima seems the least to be serif, but if you pay attention you can see the details.

The 3 non serif fonts i chose where:

Myanmar Sangam Mn, Lao Sangram Mn and Corbel similar as the serif fonts the first the Cap height is the same as the ascender height.

From the 6 fonts the only one that has stress is Big Caslon Medium.

Looking the fonts I picked, I concluded that in font style i rather go to simple and elegant fonts.

here are the examples: typography




For this assignment we had two find examples of bad signing and one that we liked.

Here is the sign i really liked, because at one glance you can really get clear what the store is about, and i liked the design.


For the bad designs i found this ones:

The shower one is “a good design” but, the label isnt’t right, the hot water is the cold water and vice-versa

For the next example, that you can find in lots of streets of the city, they try to use the same sign (in red) to inform 2 things and at the end, the result is confusing,, when i first read i thought that you can throw litter on the time that was signed.


I think they should put the sign separately as shown in the next pictures

don't litter

no parking

Visual language assignment 1st week…analaysing a poster

The picture I select for this assignment was “Atom Heart Mother”Pink Floyd’s first album, released in 1970. I choose this picture because I love this album and the cover was something that caught my attention and even more after hearing a story, that probably the inspiration for that cover was a trip that the band made to a place call La Esperanza in Ecuador.



The grid is based on the title of the album, and the main element of the poster that is the cow. The title begins from the half of the picture and its ending is aligned with the last point of the cow. We can also see that cow starts in a fourth of the space  and even if the two parts of the cow that are divided with the center vertical grid, it looks good because of the effect that the back part looks closer than the head part.

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 13.53.40

Negative Space

With negative spaces you can see clearly that the cow is so striking, that even the title of the album is gone. In fact the CD version of the album shows just the cow.

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 15.12.43Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 15.17.28


There are 4 main colors in the pictures. Maybe you could consider also 3 main (white, black, green) and a secondary color (light blue)Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 15.32.57


The exact typography of the title couldn’t be found. According to he most similar font to the title album is one called Headlight Book.