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homeworks and comments for video and sound class

documentary on intersection of Myrtle and Carlton Avenues in Brooklyn.

We decided to use this intersection for our assignment because you can see the contrast between different social classes. Here you can feel the growing of real states in New York city where old houses are repair to rent lofts or apartments to students or young professionals, but at the same time this rent raises obligates people that use to live there for many years to move to other place more economically accessible for them.

Here’s a picture with the location of the intersection:

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 22.00.59

And the streets where we plan to interview locals on the street and stores:

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 22.01.26

We could find there the followings shops & restaurants, of which, with some of them we have already talked.
– Just Because Hair Therapy Salon
– Crown Fried Chicken
– Laundromat
– 99c store
– Chung Chun Chinese takeout
– Gnarly Vines
– Liquor store behind glass
– Lulu & Po brasserie

Our process:
We’re gonna interview locals trying to emphasis in the contrast that this intersection has, but at the same time letting the interviewer to share points of his interested that we may no have in our planned questions.
How long have you lived/ worked here?
Do you enjoy living/ working here? Why or why not?
How has the neighborhood changed?
Do you feel like you know your neighbors?
If you could change one thing about this area, what would it be?
Where did you grow up?

After a review of the footage and material we’ll create the storyboard, write the script and shoot more interviews if necessary.

Here are some planned shots for this documentary:

Vertigo-style shot at the corner, to lead off

Medium shot

2014-09-20 10.49.42

Wide shot

2014-09-20 11.08.26

POV shot

Pan shot

Close-up shot

Angle Shot
2014-09-20 10.50.16

A walk through Central Park…

angel with bird on his head

Is a little more than 3 weeks that I’ve already been in the “Big Apple” and have been in Central Park for a summer movie, and couple more times in my skates. This Saturday I went around 3pm again to this beautiful piece of nature to experience the sound walk “Her long black hair”made by Janet Cardiff, despite the forecast of a storm.

The coziness of Janet voice, the sounds she uses to create an atmosphere of more than 40 years ago, the feeling to search the exactly same spot the picture was taken, the experiments you try (even if the ideal season to make the sound walk it would be winter) and most of all the coincidence of what you see with what the track is telling you made this sound walk amazing. In my case I saw a homeless guy in the bench, a musician in the tunnels, the wedding under the arch (it wasn’t a couple of Asians though), the bird standing at the head of the statue and the best for me was the waiting under a tunnel till stops raining.

I really recommend this experience to any person that hasn’t done it yet. Better if you go by yourself.


Till now my best New York experience.

final picture

About originality and plagiarism

I agree with Kirby Ferguson’s when he says, “everything is a remix”.

I’ve a passion to compose songs for my band and for my personal interest and I know that not always you’re inspire to compose some sweet arrange of chords, and also some nice lyrics that goes with that. In my case is almost every time I start likening a girl. In the article of “The Ecstasy of Influence” there’s a phrase that Kenneth Koch said, “I’m a writer who likes to be influenced” that is something that I like too and I believed that influence is shown in the songs I compose, even though at that moment my conscious makes me believe all the inspiration comes from a feeling I know that while composing my unconscious makes me seek for chords I’ve heard before and were of my pleasure, so in a way the final song for my “girl” will end up being a remix of many songs I heard sometime and I like them.

The amount of chords and the progression of them aren’t enough for the billions of songs that already exist in the whole world and the billion more that would appear in the following years. So I think is a must of lots of similarities between songs. A quick example, yesterday when I arrive home my roommate was hearing a French song (first thought it was Russian the language) that remain me a lot to a Mexican bolero, paying attention the similarity the songs had was the chorus and only were difference in the last note of resolution. I’m not a passionate reader or movie watcher, but I think it also happen in this arts.

About the copyrights and patents, in the beginning was an idea to protect the artists or inventors, than then it was distorted when someone saw a way to make tons of money suing other people for plagiarism, and the worst of all is that when plagiarism occurs with artist that have a big label to protect them nobody makes a big fuzz, but when it’s another type of artist demands start raining even in the sunniest day. Here I leave the example of Shakira’s “waka waka” song for the worldcup in 2010 Probably because all the media complains against these the original artists received some money.