Atmospheric sound lamps

For the final project for pcomp class I wanted to do something with light and sound, so I partnered with Yining Shi ( I liked her idea of having singing lamps.

After the brain storm we wanted to make 7 lamps each with a scale note that would light up with touch, and also if you sing the right frequency of the note.  But, after the first feedback in class, we concluded that it was going to be confuse for the user to interact with them, so we decided to stay with the touching interaction.

The lamps we made were newspaper and homemade glue (flour and water) over balloons.

IMG_3754 IMG_3757





The lamps where cover in the inside with aluminum paper that would act us our capacitive sensor for the input in the arduino program. For the sound we learned how to use Maxmsp.

After the second feedback in class and because of the size of the lamps, we decided to reduce the number from 7 to 3, and instead of musical notes they would play space atmospheric sounds.  For the installation we used a cloth rack where the 3 lamps could fit in a nice way and also solder the circuit more organized.

IMG_3789 IMG_3854 IMG_3858 IMG_3862








Here’s a video with the final presentation in class:


We still gonna work with the sound velocity reaction, and also put some capacitors of 470pF in between sensor pin and ground.


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